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Quik-Chek Tennis & Pickleball Net Height Measure

$7.00 USD

The Quik-Chek Net Height Measure conveniently allows you to measure a tennis net or pickleball net all on one chain.

For tennis, simply place the hook over the top of the net and let the round base hang down.  If the chain is hanging straight and the base is sitting flat on the court surface, your net is at the correct 36 inch height.  If there is slack in the chain or it is hanging above the surface, adjust the center strap.

For pickleball, simply weave the top hook through the O ring found on the chain, then hook on the net and follow the same procedure to measure 34 inches for pickleball nets.

If you're still using one of those old-fashioned center straps that uses a buckle to adjust height, checkout the Quik-Strap Center Strap which allows for fast and easy height adjustment.

The Quik-Chek offers space on the bottom of the measuring 1" disc for company/club labelling or branding that can easily be self-produced/designed inexpensively.

 They're lightweight for convenient transport and storage.

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Quik-Chek Tennis & Pickleball Net Height Measure
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