Wilson Ultra 100L Camo


$199.00 $129.00
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The Wilson Ultra 100L Camo Edition is a powerful racquet with technology that promote crushing power. While extremely versatile thanks to the head light balance and 10.3 ounces strung weight, the Wilson 100L is perfect for a wide variety of players. Players that use serve and volley or play at net in doubles will love the maneuverability of this racquet. From the baseline the Ultra 100L is very fast and in the right hands can generate tremendous racquet head speed to help generate spin. The 16x19 string pattern has access to control while still maintaining a powerful and spin friendly string bed. New for this racquet is Wilson's Power Rib Technology. This integrated racquet throat geometry and grommet technology enables explosive power from your racquet. The enhanced geometry provides added stability and power while the yoke grommets create more ball dwell-time on the strings to create a larger sweet spot. Overall the Wilson Ultra 100L Camo Edition is a powerful racquet that plays with a lot of speed thanks to the overall balance, weight and stiffness.