Yonex VCORE Duel G 97 (310g)


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Equipped with a new string hole design built for game-changing spin and power, the Yonex VCORE Duel G 97 (310) is a lighter and more maneuverable option in the Duel G series but maintains terrific feel and control. With identical technology and features to its big brother, the VCORE Duel G 97 (330), the 310 model is ideal for players that want a perfect blend of control and maneuverability. The 3D Vector Shaft in the throat increases stability and limits the amount of torsion at ball impact. Black Micro Core technology in the head of the racquet at 10 and 2 o'clock further stabilizes the frame and dampens vibrations through the handle. Yonex has incorporated Tough G-Fiber to improve snapback and higher repulsion for heavier and more powerful spin. Additionally, Lock Booster System has been added to the frame for enhanced performance. These newly engineered grommets securely lock the string in place with a unique triple rib structure to improve pressure distribution and reduce power loss compared to conventional grommets. With increased thickness on the edges of the grommets, the string length extends for added power. Yonex has kept its iconic Isometric head shape, which amplifies the size of the 97 sq. inch head. Physically stronger players will likely prefer to move up a weight class to the Duel G 97 (330) racquet for even more power and stability. The VCORE Duel G 97 (310) is a powerful racquet that should not be underestimated!

  • Head Size: 97 sq. in. / 625 sq. cm.
  • Length: 27 in.
  • Strung Weight: 11.4 oz. / 325 g.
  • Unstrung Weight: 10.9 oz. / 310 g.
  • Strung Balance: 7 Pts. Head Light
  • Swing Weight: 315
  • Flex: 64
  • Beam Width: 20 mm / 20 mm / 20 mm
  • Composition: H. M. Graphite, Black Micro Core, Tough G Fiber
  • String Pattern: 16 Mains x 20 Crosses
  • Recommended Tension: 50 - 65 lbs.
  • Grip: Yonex Synthetic