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Humidome Feather Shuttlecock Humidifier

$39.95 $34.95 USD
Humidome is a revolutionary feathered badminton shuttlecock saver designed and manufactured in Finland that increases shuttlecock lifespan. Humidome creates and maintains the perfect level of humidity in your shuttlecock tube so that you get new life from your shuttlecocks. Inside each Humidome are specially designed beads that can carry up to one hundred times their own weight in water. These beads maintain a high level of humidity for months which means your shuttlecocks are optimally stored, conditioned and always ready for your next match or training session. Once the Humidome is fully charged (4 hours submerged in clean water), it will create the perfect level of humidity for months at a time. When you start noticing that the beads are getting smaller again, it is ready to be re-charged. Developed by competitive badminton players, the Humidome is designed to last as long as possible and save players money.
  • One Humidome per package
  • Three sets of extra beads per product
  • Instruction card from Humidome founder
  • Instructional YouTube video
  • For best results use distilled water
  • Fits all feathered shuttlecock tubes
  • Manufactured and Designed in Finland
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Humidome Feather Shuttlecock Humidifier
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