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Multiplanter Bulb Planter

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$44.99 USD

The Multiplanter is a simple, lightweight and fun tool for planting bulbs and seeds in small and large vegetable plots. The Multiplanter provides much needed relief for your back and makes the planting process pain free and more enjoyable.

  • Small size for plants and bulbs up to 1 .5 inches in diameter. Large size for plants and saplings 2.5 inches in diameter.
  • Adjustable distance marker from 4 to 14 inches to plant quickly and with precision
  • Extremely lightweight with steel duck bill shaped tip to open up the soil and making the perfect hole for the bulb or seed
  • Once the Multiplanter is positioned correctly in the soil and the lever depressed, simply drop the bulb or seed down the tube allowing it to enter into the hole made by the duck bill tip.
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Multiplanter Bulb Planter
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