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The Total Serve ServeMaster LTE 2 Ball

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The ServeMaster is a unique new tennis tool developed primarily for mastering tennis serve and overhead techniques. The Total Serve teaches players of all levels what the serve should FEEL like. Only after a tennis player learns what the tennis serve should feel like can they address the individual components, and make their tennis serve a fluid, powerful and effortless weapon. 

While performing the serve, your hips, legs and shoulders move in a free flowing figure 8 service movement which allows the arm and racket to move in a whip-like manner. FEELING what this action is supposed to feel like opens the door to fluid, powerful and efficient tennis service techniques and movements.

  • Grip: conquer the uncomfortable feeling of the Continental grip
  • Toss with more accuracy as a result of making the movement an integral part of the service motion
  • Weight load: learn to get power from your legs
  • Drop the racket: relax and let the racket do the work for you
  • Accelerate and pronate: allow the flexibility and weight of the tool allow to create speed and wrist action
  • Contact Point: repeatedly secure your power point
  • Decelerate and finish: learn to "slam" to a close for maximum power
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The Total Serve ServeMaster LTE 2 Ball
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